Vacant Home Thermostat Setting

When leaving the Phoenix area during the summer some people leave their home thermostats set at 90º, 95º, or even turn the units off.  This is not a great idea because it can cause damage to your home!

As building materials heat up and cool down they expand and contract.  Different materials expand and contract at different rates.  The wood trusses move differently than the drywall, the drywall moves differently than the metal at the corners of the windows.  When materials expand and contract at different rates cracks form at the weak points like the joints in the drywall, corners of windows etc.

If you set the thermostat for 85º and left it there, the inside temperature would not change much thereby reducing the movement.  This will result in fewer drywall cracks.  Secondly it is not uncommon for the summer temperatures to stay close to 100 degrees even at night.  The heat is hard on the seals around the windows as well as the plumbing and they can dry out.

The heat is also hard on the caulked joints at tubs, showers and counter tops, therefore keeping the home conditioned in the summer will reduce the maintenance needed due to heat related damage.

Also, you should have the AC serviced and have someone change the filters for you while you are away. A dirty filter can cause the AC coil to freeze raising your electric bill and shorting the life of the AC unit.

A qualified Home Watch Service can perform many services and can refer you to a Preferred Service Provider who can the take care of the others, all to help protect your home from damage during your absence.

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