Absentee Homeowner Checklist

Prepare Your Home Before Leaving

If you are going to leave your home for an extended period of time, whether for the season, going on a vacation or on extended travel, there are things you should do to make sure you home is in the same good condition when you return home as when you left it.

For Example:

*  Use up food in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry then dispose of the perishable unused items.
*  Do a general trash and clutter “pick-up” / “clean-up” of home.
*  Notify neighbors, community management and law enforcement that you are leaving.
*  Replace air conditioner filters.
*  Adjust thermostat.
*  Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
*  Put a timer on at least one light.
*  Arrange for continued landscape maintenance, pest control and pool service.
*  Install motion detector security lights.
*  Turn off hot water heater and water softener.
*  Unplug expensive home electronics, computers and other devices that might be damaged by a power surge, or Switch off all circuit breakers for everything except the air conditioner, security lights, irrigation system and the inside light.
*  Disconnect Internet access to computers.
*  Empty, unplug and prop the door open on the refrigerator.   Make sure the ice maker water supply is off.
*  Remove the vacuum cleaner bag and replace with a fresh one.
*  Replace any water filters with clean ones.
*  Stop mail delivery and arrange to have mail forwarded.
*  Notify your water/sewer, electric and gas companies where to mail bills.
*  Forward your telephone to another number, or arrange to retrieve messages.
*  Remove plants or arrange for their watering and care.
*  Check windows, doors, sliders and locks.
*  Disconnect or unplug garage door openers.
*  Plus more depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

These precautions will help, but to assure the security, well being and integrity of your home, it is important to utilize the services of a good home watch company to watch and monitor your home while you are gone.  Kendy Home Watch Service will make sure your home is visited and inspected on a regular basis to prevent potential problems.